Ready to innovate: Amp selects three new members for development team

Ar Vr

December 9, 2021

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Our Amp development team is thrilled to share it has selected three new members for its fourth installment, including Jordan Goss, Kyle Ritchie and Pamela Steiner.

The trio will be onboarded this December and fully step into their roles in 2022. They will join existing members to help guide our in-house incubator and nurture ideas for products and services that reshape CannonDesign, create new revenue streams and make the world a better place.

Since its founding years back, Amp has existed as CannonDesign’s incubator to test ideas for new products and service lines or create improved work-flow processes and business strategies. The Amp development team helps evaluate submissions, connect teams with firm resources, engage firm leadership and assist, mentor and manage proposal teams accepted into the incubator.

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COVID Shield is a product solution that emerged from Amp in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic that could empower providers to increase testing and immunization.